Shanghai Ruiqu Drvtek has the 7th generation IGBT chip and intelligent module IPM design technology, based on advanced design technology in the world, the company's current products are: 650V 40A ~ 200A series IGBT, 1200V 40 ~ 200A series IGBT. Shanghai Ruiqu Drvtek IGBT products are processed in the top power device manufacturing factory in China, and the products have the characteristics of high reliability, good dynamic and static parameter consistency. It can be used in welding machine, photovoltaic inverter, inverter, energy storage, new energy electric vehicle.

At present, the company's products have used the international mainstream design and manufacturing process of high-density cell area and multi-gradient concentration distribution on the back, which effectively reduces the chip area on the basis of the same parameter performance, while ensuring high reliability and short circuit characteristics.