The first group building in autumn, to an autumn appointment

  • 超级管理员
  • 2023-11-13 16:15:36

In this season full of vitality and unity, Shanghai Ruiqi held a wonderful barbecue camping group building activity. Through this movement, we not only deepened the understanding and communication between each other, but also enhanced the sense of teamwork and cohesion. Now let's review this unforgettable journey of team building!

First, we came to a fun-filled camping base. Here, we begin to prepare the work, the boys are responsible for the fire burning charcoal, the girls are responsible for sorting the ingredients, enjoy the photos of the sorted ingredients ~


Group building food moment- Calorie recharge is successful


After enjoying the food, we began to engage in various entertainment activities.

play badminton


Landlord Fighting


And two lovely little friends


Through this group building activity, we worked together and deepened the feelings between each other. Team building not only let us relax, but also let us feel the warmth and cohesion of the team. Through this group building activity, we not only spent a pleasant and unforgettable time, but also deepened the friendship between each other.

Finally, enjoy the group photo, let's look forward to the next refined group building activities!