Suzhou Guoxin Technology and Rui Drive Microelectronics to draw a new picture of domestic replacement of "MCU+IGBT" dual-core chips for automotive electronics and industrial control

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  • 2023-03-21 09:40:42

Recently, Guoxin Technology invested in the domestic IGBT field of the head innovation company - Shanghai Rui Drive Microelectronics Technology Co., LTD. (" Rui Drive Microelectronics "), the investment amount of 15 million yuan, accounting for 4.87% of the shares, become Rui drive Microelectronics strategic partners and investors. Taking this as an opportunity, the two sides plan to build a deep industrial cooperation relationship and work together to map the huge business opportunities of localization replacement in the field of automotive electronics and industrial control "MCU+IGBT" chips.

As a new type of power semiconductor device, IGBT is widely used in new energy vehicles, industrial control, new energy power generation, smart grid, rail transit and other fields with its advantages of high frequency, high voltage, high current, easy switching, high reliability, etc., and has the reputation of "CPU" in the power electronics industry.

Since the development of the 1980s, IGBT chips have gone through 7 generations of technology and process upgrades. From the planar through-through type (PT) to the micro-channel field cutoff type, the indicators of IGBT: chip area, process linewidth, on-state saturation voltage drop, turn-off time, power loss, etc., have been continuously optimized, the off-state voltage has been increased from 600V to 7000V, the turn-off time has been reduced from 0.5 microsecond to 0.12 microsecond, and the process linewidth has been reduced from 5um to 0.3um. IGBT industry barriers are high, research and development is difficult, and the product life cycle is long. At present, the IGBT 4th generation process products are still the most widely used in the market.

At present, China has become the world's largest IGBT consumer market, and the demand continues to increase. According to WSTS(World Semiconductor Trade Statistics Organization) data, China's IGBT market sales scale increased from 8.8 billion yuan in 2016 to 23.88 billion yuan in 2021, CAGR of more than 20%, far exceeding the global average. It is predicted that China's IGBT market will continue to maintain rapid growth until 2025, and the sales scale is expected to exceed 48.6 billion yuan. Among them, the increase in demand in the new energy field is the most significant, and new energy vehicles, new energy power generation, and industrial control account for about half of the demand. At the same time, China's IGBT self-sufficiency rate is low. In the future, benefiting from energy conservation and emission reduction, "dual carbon" goals and the state's support for emerging technologies from the level of policy, capital and technology, local IGBT enterprises will be expected to obtain greater opportunities.

Founded in 2019, Raydrive Microelectronics is an innovative and entrepreneurial company incubated by Shanghai Microtechnology Industry Research Institute. The company has a first-class team of overseas and domestic experts, focusing on the research and development of international advanced seventh generation IGBT chips and IPM smart modules, using the team's rich experience and intellectual property rights in the field of new energy electronics, with the support of industrial platform resources to operate advanced power semiconductor devices + new energy industry chain, with R & D innovation to win market praise.

The CoolFAST series seventh-generation IGBT products developed and mass-produced by Raydrive Microelectronics in Hua Hong achieve low on-loss and low-switching loss at the same time. Compared with the existing main products on the market, it can achieve 40% lower energy loss and reduce the chip area by more than 30%, reaching the industry-leading level, and can directly replace imports. Mainly used in photovoltaic inverters, energy storage, new energy vehicles and variable frequency motors. Products have been recognized by a number of industry leading enterprises.

Ray-drive Microelectronics 650V 75A single tube

Rui Drive Microelectronics 1200V 40A wafer

Rui Drive Microelectronics 1200V600A module

As a chip design company focusing on domestic autonomous controllable embedded CPU technology research and development and industrial application, Guoxin Technology focuses on chip research and development and market expansion in the field of automotive electronics and industrial control. The "industrial investment + strategic cooperation" will help both parties better seize the opportunities of localization replacement in high-end automotive electronics and industrial control field, and work together to create the "MCU+IGBT" dual-core ecology in automotive electronics and industrial control field, so as to better serve customer needs with a more competitive product portfolio. A total of automotive electronics and industrial control "MCU+IGBT" dual-core chip localization replacement new picture, to the future of the brilliant mountains and seas.